sQoosh® bands combine absorbent terry cotton with Imported Italian Moisture Wicking fabric.

In hot or rainy weather, this band enables wearers to precisely wipe sweat and remove unwanted moisture in ONE fluid motion. At aid stations or post race pour ice water on it and WOW what a cool off! Simply wipe & squeeze!

In cold weather, the sQoosh™ fingertip pouch, built into every band, is an AMAZING hand warmer … OR you can insert HotHands® (From Walmart etc…) No need to wear runners gloves!


  • Worn on wrist, fist OR hand.
  • Slide phone into palm of sqoosh (Great Phone strap to hear splits or urgent call).
  • Flip inside out, insert fingertips in pouch for hand warmth during cold runs.
  • Reflective 3M Logos available for safety.
  • Made with Italian moisture wicking fabric.
  • Must-have for Baseball (especially Pitchers) hikers, skaters, bikers, game referees, photographers, and soccer players.
  • Great while doing yardwork, yoga, hot yoga, spin & more.
  • Practical as a pouch/runners wallet to hold Ipod, keys, bills, ID.
  • Made for wiping marathon crud & runny noses.
  • Protects hands from scrapes if you fall.
  • Great compress for injuries.
  • Excellent for post-race cool down (hold ice-cold drink in sQoosh™ hand against terry cloth then wipe hot brow – WOW!).
  • The perfect gift for race packets.

    From the Inventor, John Fournier: As a kid, inspired by my dad and my brother, I grew up running track with dreams of the Olympics. Though I haven’t gotten there yet, I have a product that’s a true winner!

Here’s how it came about …

Five years ago, while running in a Half Ironman event, I was wearing a bandana wrapped around my hand (as I’ve done for years). Though bulky, it helped keep sweat and crud off my face, lips and eyes. Halfway thru the run portion the inspiration came to me, “why not turn this idea into a product”? I believe it was a God inspired moment.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and looking around me, I saw runners with all kinds of home-made, strange looking sweat-wipe methods, revealing a true need! We know terry cloth wristbands absorb, but awkwardly wipe sweat. They stay soaked and don’t dispense. They’re rarely a runners choice, plus they just don’t look cool.

Enter sQoosh™!

After the race, I went home and for the next year and half diligently plugged away at developing a prototype that has the modern wick-dry property exterior and ultra-absorbant palm interior. A few friends joined me in this creation and the name “sQoosh™” was given after the sound it makes when you “squish” the moisture from the band. After miles and miles of testing and sweating, it is amazing how well this works!

Yes we do Team Sport logos!


sQoosh Is Patent Pending United States Patent Application 20110247125.

Must-Have for Indoor Cycling!

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Recent rave from our customers:

This thing is a game changer! Don’t have one yet? BUY ONE NOW! Think you don’t need one? WRONG! This is soft, not cumbersome, there whenever you need it for whatever you need it for. Wipes sweat, cools hands, warms hands when it’s cold, holds your keys or some money, I have used this everyday since it came in the mail and it is hands down the most useful running product I have ever gotten. This thing is soft, I mean like baby tushie soft. It absorbs more than you can possibly imagine, it never feels scratchy, it avoids me having to wear a fanny pack or tie my keys to my laces.
There is never a bad run with SQoosh! It’s a conversation starter and fashionable as all get out! There is no reason people should not know about this! It is the end of 80’s headbands and bandanas, it’s sleek and dead useful. I will never buy a different product. This is the perfect one!

Some of our Fans


UltraMarathoner Chris Twiggs who’s also the National Program Director for Jeff Galloway Productions


Paul Gossett with some sQoosh Action in ANTARCTICA!


Linda on a mission in Guatemala MK 16:15!


Sam the IronMan


Chris Sweatin smart!


Chad earning his cookies!


Ro showing some sQoosh Power!

Ro showing some sQoosh Power!