sQoosh™ More than a sportsband!

If you run, chances are you sweat. You need something to wipe your face to avoid getting it in your eyes. In hot or rainy climates the sQoosh™ band enables wearers to wipe sweat and remove unwanted moisture in ONE fluid motion ... simply wipe & squeeze!

When it's cold outside, your fingers can feel like ice. The sQoosh™ fingertip pouch is an AMAZING hand warmer - no more runners gloves.

sQoosh™ bands are made with moisture absorbent terry cotton and imported Italian Moisture Wicking fabric. Ultra light weight and easy to use, it's great for runners, hikers, skaters, bikers, referees, photographers, soccer, yardwork, yoga, hot yoga, spin & more.

When sweat catches up to you ... sQoosh™ is the answer!
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