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sQoosh® Sportsband. This is a Sweatband. This is a Smartband.
It’s the only band you’ll ever need – Track, Trail or Team – We Are The #1 Customizable Sportsband for every athlete!

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The Best - Virtually Indestructible - Scraper Tool for:

Surfboards, Snowboards, Skis also for windshields, Kitchen Counters, Decals, Pots & Pans, Baking & more.

You’ll love this thing as it really packs a punch!
With the “Scraper” you’ll have the thickest, toughest, yet super handy scraping tool on the market. Manufactured at 60mil - this is more than 2 credit cards thick!

Best of all it’s credit card size, small enough to keep in your wallet, purse, pocket, drawer or glove box!

Easily get a clean smooth surface for your boards, counters or even getting bubbles out of window tinting & vinyl decals. Use for so many different projects.

It features 4 side edges for a sharp scrape every time and will soon have a notch out of one of the corners that allows for edge scraping. Clean up your crud with the Scraper!

Key Features of the Scraper:
Always a Sharp Edge
Safer than typical scrapers
Ruled Edge coming soon
Edge-Scraping Corner Notch coming soon

Made In USA🇺🇸

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