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$4.98 USD


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The Best - Virtually Indestructible - Scraper Tool for:

Surfboards, Snowboards, Skis also for windshields, Kitchen Counters, Decals, Pots & Pans, Baking & more.

You’ll love this thing as it really packs a punch!
With the “Scraper” you’ll have the thickest, toughest, yet super handy scraping tool on the market. Manufactured at 50mil - this is about 2 credit cards thick!

Best of all it’s credit card size, small enough to keep in your wallet, purse, pocket, drawer or glove box!

There Are Sooo Many Uses for these! Easily get a clean smooth surface for your surfboards, counters or even getting bubbles out of window tinting & vinyl decals. Use for many different projects.

It features 4 side edges for a sharp scrape every time and will soon have a notch out of one of the corners that allows for edge scraping. Clean up your crud with the Scraper!

Key Features of the Scraper:
Always a Sharp Edge
Safer than typical scrapers
Ruled Edge coming soon
Edge-Scraping Corner Notch coming soon

Made In USA🇺🇸

Patent Pending
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